Upcoming Housing Projects for Natomas

Twin Rivers is auctioning this undeveloped property at 891 Greg Thatch Circle. / NatomasBuzz.com Photo

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The Sacramento Planning and Design Commission will hold a public hearing at 5:30 p.m. today for a proposed infill project on Greg Thatch Circle in Natomas.

The “Terrace Park” project in The Hamptons will be the topic of the hearing which may be attended in person at City Hall or via Zoom. It will also be streamed live.

Twin Rivers Unified School District sold the property located at 891 Greg Thatch Circle in early 2022 after declaring it to be surplus land. The development proposes to subdivide the land into 79 single or duplex dwelling units.

Click here to watch view the Planning and Design Commission agenda (with Zoom link information), submit an eComment or watch the meeting live stream. Link

Several additional housing options are currently in the planning or construction stages in Natomas, including single-family homes, apartments, duplexes, market rate and affordable housing. Here’s a roundup of some of the pending projects:

  • 3701 East Commerce Way — As previously reported, AG Spanos Corp. is constructing “Natomas II,” a luxury apartment complex on East Commerce near the Centene Campus. The first phase of the project includes 270 units and an attached clubhouse with multiple amenities, including a game room, fitness center and movie room. Plans have already been submitted for the next phase of construction.
  • North Park Drive and Kankakee Drive — Referred to as “Independence in Natomas,” Lewis Land Developers LLC has proposed a rezone and modification to the PUD to construct 83 rental duplex dwellings (166 units). The project is currently in design review with the City of Sacramento.
  • 2631 Del Paso Road — As previously reported, Lewis Land Developers LLC has requested a rezone of the former retail site and a modification of the PUD for “Homecoming at Creekside Phase 3.” The new plan includes affordable housing units for rent, in the form of 92 duplex/condo dwellings (184 units.) The site had been planned for retail.
  • 3531 Del Paso Road — The “Ascent Apartments” project the Westlake Village Shopping Center, near Walgreens, was proposed in September 2022 and is in the very early stages of consideration. City records show a fee estimate request from St. Anton Communities to develop an affordable housing project at this location.
  • 2700 Main Entrance Road — “Medley Apartments” by Blue Mountain Enterprises, located across East Commerce from the Centene campus. Work started in March 2022 and is well under way for the new complex that will include 160 units, a fitness center and a swimming pool as well as dog-friendly outdoor spaces.
  • Truxel Road and Terracina Drive — In May 2022, The Natomas Buzz reported on upcoming plans to develop land adjacent to the arena for “Natomas Gateway Apartments.” St. Anton Communities submitted plans to develop the into a 200-unit, multi-family complex with a community building and other amenities. Design review is currently underway by the city.
  • 3625 Fong Ranch Road — The “Russel at Truxel Apartments” infill project requires a rezone and a general plan amendment. Plans submitted show a request to rezone to high-density apartments, with 384 residential units, including 96 affordable housing units.
  • Del Paso Road and Sorrento Road — Plans continue to move forward on the “Panhandle Project” to subdivide the open land between the eastern edge of Natomas Park and Sorrento Road into 809 single, residential lots and 30-40 duplex units.
  • Arena Boulevard and East Commerce Way — Previous submissions show the “Arena Brownstone Living” project as a 282-condo unit project with additional amenities for residents and an outdoor multi-use space. The Planning and Design Commission approved this project in October 2022.

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