Jibe Launches Subsidized Vanpool Program

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As more workers return to the office, North Natomas Jibe has partnered with Commute with Enterprise to offer a shared mobility option: vanpooling.

Vanpools are made up of a group of commuters traveling from one or more origin points to a shared destination. To reduce expenses for north Natomas commuters, Jibe will cover part of the vanpool cost with the remaining share split among vanpool participants — or their employer.

Each participating rider pays monthly, and Commute with Enterprise handles coordination, vehicles, insurance, maintenance, and 24/7 roadside help.

Vanpools must originate and return to north Natomas.

Those who live or work in north Natomas and commute to work two or more days of the week, may submit an online interest form by clicking the “Join Commute” button. Once submitted, Commute with Enterprise will work to match individuals with other commuters who have the same route and schedule.

Once five or more people are matched, the group works with the Commute with Enterprise team to determine the vanpool “captain,” who will be drivers, the vehicle type and where the group will meet each morning to start the commute. Once details and payments are set, Commute with Enterprise provides the vehicle and commuters are on their way to a less expensive, less stressful, and more sustainable commute.

Those interested in participating in the vanpool program, but worried about getting stranded may use Jibe’s guaranteed ride program. This program is for commuters who use alternative commute options such as vanpooling, biking or taking the bus, if they have an emergency and need help getting home from work.

Prior to the pandemic, Jibe operated a shuttle service which made regular loops to and from downtown. That service was suspended in March 2020 and not likely to resume due to fewer workers reporting daily to workplaces located downtown.

Jibe is a local nonprofit organization funded through community facilities district fees and grants.

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