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Development Proposal Pending

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“Any idea what is being planned for the open field just east of Natomas Park, between Del Paso and Club Center? We live over on the east side of (Natomas Park) and are seeing signs for ‘planning development project’. ”
—Eric Billigmeier

According to public records, a tentative subdivision map application was filed in December 2019 to subdivide a 40-acre parcel west side of Sorento Road, east of Cadman Court and north of Del Paso Road within the largely undeveloped “Panhandle.”

The application was approved at the Sacramento Zoning Administrator hearing in early December 2020, according to city planner Michael Hanebutt.

Community members who attended the hearing verified some design elements of the subdivision, but no opposition to the project was expressed, Hanebutt said.

A final mapping process to legally subdivide the property and build infrastructure is pending, but approving the subdivision layout and design was needed for these next steps, he said.

As proposed, the project includes 177 low-density single-family dwelling lots, frontage landscape lots, one open space lot and one park lot, according to public records.

Home designs were not part of the approval, so those will still be reviewed by city staff, according to Hanebutt.

The Panhandle-WD40 Tentative Subdivision May

Courtesy Burrell Consulting Group Inc.


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