Three Candidates Seek South Natomas Seat

The Natomas Buzz and Gardenland Northgate Neighborhood Association hosted a District 3 candidate forum April 5 at the Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center. A recording is also available on YouTube.

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Sacramento’s city council districts were recently redrawn by an independent commission, changing the way Natomas will be represented at city hall for the next decade.

Those who reside south of Arena Boulevard (and Terracina Drive) in Natomas are now represented by District 3 on the Sacramento City Council.

Previously, the area north of Interstate 80 was within council District 1 and represented by Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby.

Because the current Councilmember Jeff Harris does not reside within the new boundaries for District 3, he is ineligible to run for reelection on June 7. Now, three candidates are vying for his seat on the dais.

Adrianne Gonzales

Candidate ADRIANNE GONZALES and her husband Skyler have rented a home in Gardenland for two years with their three children.

“As a Sacramento native, I am proud to call this city home,” said Gonzales. “Gardenland has always been a comfortable neighborhood for me because it’s family-friendly. The neighborhood is also close to downtown Sacramento.”

Gonzales, who graduated from Sacramento State University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Health, considers herself a healthcare professional. More recently, however, she decided to become a homemaker to help her children navigate distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. If elected, she plans to work full time as a city council representative.

“We have work to do in our district, and I want no neighborhood to be left behind,” she said. “Parental concerns are intertwined with many issues faced by District 3; therefore, I am well suited to balance the demands of the council.”

Gonzales has never run for public office, but said she is looking forward to being part of the election.

“My first hand experience with sky-rocketing rental prices, unsheltered individuals wandering into my front yard, traffic collisions in my neighborhood, and unmaintained parks gives me a firsthand understanding of the challenges that the community faces,” said Gonzales, who cited homelessness, safety and cost-of-living as her top three priorities if elected to the Sacramento City Council.

Gonzales said she would like to help Sacramento continue to grow into a city “we can all be proud of.”

Michael Lynch

Before moving to River Oaks with his wife and two children in May 2021, candidate MICHAEL LYNCH lived in north Natomas for eight years.

Lynch earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Humboldt State University and a master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration from Sacramento State University.

“We moved here because we love the incredible diversity of this community, the beautiful amenities it offers, and we believe it is an excellent place to raise a family,” Lynch said. “I love our community, and my roots in this city are deep.”

In 2013, Lynch co-founded Improve Your Tomorrow, an education non-profit dedicated to closing the college opportunity gaps for young men of color, at Valley High School — also his alma mater. He previously worked as a policy consultant and legislative advisor at the state capitol on policies to create affordable housing.

“I am seeking to represent District 3 because I love our community and our diverse neighborhoods,” said Lynch. “I want to ensure our future is brighter and filled with opportunities for every resident – both in the district and throughout Sacramento.”

Lynch has not previously sought public office. If elected, Lynch said he would scale back the hours he works as CEO at Improve Your Tomorrow and dedicate himself to being a city council representative.

“I recognize the incredible demands of being a member of the City Council and intend to work far more than full-time on behalf of the community,” said Lynch, who cited investing in children and youth, addressing housing disparities and improving community and economic health as his top three policy issues.

Lynch said he’d like Sacramento to “be known as one of the best places to raise a family in the country.”

Karina Talamantes

In 2019, candidate KARINA TALAMANTES and her brother bought a home in south Natomas, where he and his family now reside. In October 2021, Talamantes moved to District 3 with her partner and now lives across the street from her brother.

“We love this community,” said Talamantes. “Prior to that, I lived in Regency Park for 10 years.”

After graduating from UC Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Community Regional Development, Talamantes worked in Washington, DC under the Obama administration to close the achievement gap nationwide. She returned to the Sacramento area to work with young people through the Educational Talent Search program to help low-income and first generation students continue their post-secondary education. She has worked as Ashby’s chief of staff since July 2018.

“My experience and understanding of city hall qualifies me as the only candidate to be aware of the complex issues facing our city,” said Talamantes. “I am ready to hit the ground running serving the people of District 3.”

Talamantes was elected in 2018 to represent the Natomas area on the Sacramento County Board of Education where she currently serves as president of the board and serves on the Sacramento Public Library Authority. If elected to city council, she said she plans to treat being a council member of District 3 as a full-time job.

“We have tough, complex, urgent issues that need attention and I am ready to roll up my sleeves and work for the people of District 3,” said Talamantes, adding that her budget priorities will be community investment, homelessness, housing and ensuring taxpayer dollars are being used effectively.

Talamantes said post pandemic, the city needs “a robust plan on the local level that will allow Sacramento’s business community to thrive once more.”

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