Twin Rivers District Applies For Grants

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz
The Twin Rivers Unified School District and partners have applied for $15 million in grants.
The funding would be used to create and expand afterschool programs offered students meant to reinforce and complement the academic program, including credit toward high school graduation.
A total of five 21st Century Community Learning Center applications for $3.3 million each year will be submitted to:
  • Continue and expand after school programs at elementary sites and junior high sites where there is a long waiting list of children.
  • Create new after school programs for high school age students.
The academic enrichment opportunities and supportive services are designed to help students meet state and local standards in core content areas. The grant money would help pay for intramural sports, visual and performing arts, multimedia project, dance revolution, and character building.
The 21st Century Community Learning Center is a state-administered, federally funded program that provides five-year grant funding to create or expand before and after school programs for disadvantaged kindergarten through 12th grade students, particularly students who attend schools in need of improvement.
The Twin Rivers Unified School District’s partners in the grant proposals include: Think Together, the Natomas Unified School District, Roberts Family Development Center, Mutual Assistance Network, and Center for Fathers and Families.

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