Seen In Natomas: UFOs Overhead?

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz
Ever wondered about those lights often seen hovering over Natomas at night?

Some claim they are seeing UFOs in the skies above the undeveloped fields parallel to Interstate 5, but it’s really James Scharlack and Dan Stuart and their planes.

Flying small, remote control planes has been the Natomas residents’ hobby for about two years. The pair fly their planes several times a week, often after dark.

Curiosity seekers – including the police – search them out nearly every night they fly to ask questions. (Google “UFO” and “Natomas” and you’ll find videos and several references to their flights.)
Scharlack and Stuart buy their planes online and add their own modifications. They have two types of planes: night planes and day planes. They have covered the planes flown at night with lights.

The men’s hobby has generated interest beyond Natomas and to the internet where they have a successful YouTube channel where videos of their planes with tips and tricks to flying are posted. The channel has logged more than 60,000 views and the pair even sell T-shirts!

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