One Natomas Pot Shop Still Open

U.S. Attorney Files Action Against
Store With Same Name Downtown
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United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner has announced the filing of a civil forfeiture complaint targeting a property that housed a store that sold marijuana in violation of federal law.

The owner of the property previously received written notice from the U.S. Attorney that the store was conducting commercial sales of marijuana in violation of federal law.

The letter warned that the owner risked forfeiture of the property if those illegal operations continued.
The civil forfeiture complaint was filed last week after the property owners declined to take action to stop the commercial sale of marijuana.
The civil action filed today seeks forfeiture of the property at 2014 Tenth Street in Sacramento, the location of a business that currently sells marijuana under the name of Grass or Sacramento Holistic Healing Center.
According to the complaint, Grass/SHHC is located less than 1,000 feet from an elementary school and a high school.

At press time it appeared a medicinal marijuana dispensary, listed as both Grass and Holistic Healing Center, continued to operate at 4381 Gateway Park Boulevard in Natomas – about 500 feet from KidsPark childcare and preschool and not much farther from a Funtastic! play center. 

In addition to the civil forfeiture action filed Jan. 12, the U.S. Attorney’s Office sent out a number of notice letters to owners of properties in several counties where marijuana is being cultivated or sold. The letters are addressed to the property owners of record and any lien holders of records for the sites of stores which are selling marijuana,

In October, two medicinal marijuana dispensaries in Natomas closed – one by federal officials and the other voluntarily.

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