New Rec Soccer Club Forms In North Natomas

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Publisher’s Note: In a letter to North Natomas families posted on Facebook and the North Natomas SC website on May 23, 2013, organizers announced they have halted all plans for a new recreational soccer club in North Natomas. The letter is available at


Natomas United Youth Soccer League flow chart prior to departure of Sacramento North Soccer Club and formation of North Natomas Soccer Club.

A new recreational youth soccer club has taken shape in Natomas.

Online registration for the North Natomas Soccer Club is scheduled to open today and an open house is set for Saturday at the North Natomas Library.

The event will give families a chance to meet volunteers who formed the new club. Help with soccer registration for the 2013 season will also be available and a coaches’ meeting is planned.

Efforts to launch a new club moved forward when talks between the Sacramento North Soccer Club and Natomas United Youth Soccer League broke down earlier this week.

The Sacramento North Soccer Club voted in March to join a league other than Natomas and in April voted to affiliate with US Club Soccer.

But last week, Sacramento North Soccer Club representatives sought to rejoin the Natomas league, canceling a planned soccer festival while terms were hammered out. Those talks ended Wednesday night when an agreement could not be reached. According to league officials, Sacramento North Soccer Club plans to affiliate with an organization outside of Natomas.

The committee behind the new North Natomas Soccer Club includes five former Sacramento North Soccer Club board members.

Four committee members – Jesus Vargas, Jason Shoultz, Juan Maldonado, and John Aronhalt – resigned from their board posts when the Sacramento North Soccer Club voted 5-7 in April not be a member of the Natomas United Youth Soccer League. All four supported staying in the Natomas league.

Also on the new club’s committee is Eugene Erlank, who was elected Sacramento North Soccer Club president at a member meeting in December 2012, and voted off the board 9-4 two months later.

According to its website, the North Natomas Soccer Club is open to all families in the north Natomas area and children ages 4 to 18 years old may sign up to participate.

The club will seek affiliation with the Natomas United Youth Soccer League and the California Youth Soccer Association, Vargas said. As part of the Natomas league, North Natomas Soccer Club teams will compete against each other and also play Natomas Soccer Club teams. Inter-league play with other clubs in the greater Sacramento area will be sought for higher-performing teams and age groups with fewer players.

The organization will draft a constitution and form a board to manage club business in the coming months. The 2013 soccer season starts in August.

North Natomas Soccer Club open house/walk-up registration 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and coaches’ meeting 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 18 in the North Natomas Library community room. The library is located at 4660 Via Ingoglia, off Del Paso Road. For more information about NNSC, go to

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  1. Cliff Seacord says

    Everybody involved is lame. Maybe we should let the 6 year olds run the soccer program, they would do a much better job.
    Everybody should simply boycott soccer in Natomas this year and next. Have your kid play fall baseball, or indoor soccer instead.

    The adults (on both sides) are simply unable to put aside their adult problems and put the kids first. Neither league has competent leadership.
    In the end, the kids lose because the adults are lame.

    Epic fail all around. Go back to your day job.

  2. Harleyman says

    I’m very happy the drama is finally over, and I can register my kids.Let’s just play some soccer here in Natomas!

  3. soccermomNatomas says

    Very exciting!!! Thank you to all who finally did the right thing and dumped the negativity and move on to a new and improved North Natomas club… It is still a choice every family has to make for your own family play some drama free soccer or play the politics, egos, and elitist game that the Sac north was trying to do. Looking forward to registering my kiddos..

    • Cliff Seacord says

      Normally, you would make an assessment of “improved” or not once the season is over. Good thing you are voting to go to the North Natomas Club. It is obvious that you enjoy politics, egos, and an elitist game.

      Look up the concept of “Projection”.

  4. RaiderNation says

    Just saw another FB Post from SNSC. They are now saying their awaiting approval, but register now? Who will my kid play? What league will they be apart of? Where will the games be? I’m confused. They have changed direction more times than a chased squirrel.

    • I believe SNSC has the permits for most, if not all, the soccer fields so the question should be where is this new league going to play? My suggestion is to go to a board meeting for both and see what’s happening first hand instead of hear-say, from a blog, or from anyone else.

      • The articles posted on this topic are based on attending hours of meetings including SNSC, NSC, NUYSL, CYSA District 6, and NNSC as well as interviews with representatives from each organization, reading board meeting minutes, and dozens of emails and other documents sent to and from the aforementioned groups’ leadership. AYSO answered requests for information, but US Soccer did not wish to be interviewed.
        I encourage anyone seeking additional information reach out personally to these organizations. In my experience, most are readily available to answer questions and explain their position on those issues where there has been disagreement.
        As for the soccer fields, city officials told me that new permits are issued each year and that, currently, no single Natomas soccer organization has primary use agreements for all north Natomas fields. It was also stated that the River City Youth Soccer League had some permits for north Natomas fields.

        • Maybe not priority but I am sure for this year they have the permits.

          Speaking of PRIORITY, they are putting emphasis and focus on coach development such as bringing in Positive Coaching Alliance. This is HUGE and I don’t know if anyone understands this. They are also bringing in people to help coaches be better coaches. Not everyone played college or professional ball and not everyone can teach. They may know the game but teaching it to other small kids is tough. The fact that they are doing this is so important. The fact that Positive Coaching Alliance is on their website just below the “home” link is telling me they are on the right track. I am a HUGE believe in PCA. If they believe that….I’m listening. Why don’t you show how they intend to use PCA and put that on your blog. THAT’s something others should hear.

    • We recommend you reach out directly to the Sacramento North Soccer Club leadership for answers to your questions. Their contact information is listed on their website at

  5. soccerdadnatomas says

    Tired of empty promises. Finally time to let the kids play soccer. An actual open house and opportunity to hear facts with leadership and to have a voice. Good news

  6. With every new program getting started there is always ups and downs, I know because when I was little, some 45 years ago parents and coaches volunteered as referees for the then St. Joseph’s Soccer now NSC. We can’t even get parents to coach their own kids but they can make judgmental remarks on how bad something is. Learn from your grammar school days and if you can bring something positive to the negative words then we can have progress, but if you are a blog typist with nothing but unexperienced words from never being involved, then maybe you should try it. This has came with much hard work and countless hours of effort (volunteer effort) and this joint venture is a success. So many parents just don’t know how RCYSL was not providing NSC & SNSC; the two largest clubs in the organization the correct amount of input on the executive board. Take it from a volunteer soccer coordinator for NSC, you will be in great hands and your kids will love playing all these clubs. Enjoy your season and volunteer when you can, because when you do, you will never forget the awesome experience it is to give back to your community and kids, GOOD LUCK to all Parents and Kids…

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