For A Good Cause: Teen Center Needs Help

Construction of Stanford Settlement’s new Teen Center building is complete, and we are adjusting to the enlarged space, new furniture, computer lab, and the indoor basketball court.
More teens are joining every day. However, we find ourselves in a serious financial situation.
Currently, we have no ongoing support to maintain the facility. Increased space means increased operational costs. The donations we receive do not meet our monthly bills.
We are asking for your financial help in keeping this beautiful facility open and running for the youth in our community. We are here to help guide these kids through the difficult teen years.
Without you, we would not have gotten the building built. Without you, we will not able to keep it open. Donations are gratefully accepted at or 450 West El Camino Ave., Sacramento, CA 95833.
For further information, contact Sister Jeanne Felion at 927-1303 or [email protected].

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