Residents Warned About Utilities Impersonators

Residents in recent Water Meter Retrofit areas report man claiming to be City employee trying to gain access to homes.

Sac PD and the city Department of Utilities are warning residents and businesses about a man, claiming to be a city employee approaching homes in a recent water meter retrofit area and trying gain access.

Residents and businesses are warned that the city does not need to get into a home to test the water or conduct further plumbing work inside the home after a meter retrofit. Typically, utilities employees do not need to enter into homes and if they do, they will schedule an appointment in advance.

City employees wear City of Sacramento uniforms, ID badges and drive city vehicles. Residents or businesses with questions regarding whether someone is a City employee can call the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities at 3-1-1 or 264-5011.

Residents or businesses who see anything suspicious or who are approached by someone impersonating a city employee should call the City of Sacramento Police Department at 264-5471.

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