No More Java City In Natomas

Got a Java City craving? Well, you’ll have to leave Natomas to get you some… The Java City located on the corner of Del Paso Road (where it turns into Main Street) and Northgate Boulevard is now dubbed the Coffee Bean Cafe. This recent change, along with the switch from Java City to Peet’s Coffee & Tea at Raley’s and Bel Air means the only Java City left in the neighborhood is its corporate offices at 1300 Del Paso Road.


  1. I believe the Coffee Bean Cafe will still be serving Java City coffee. A few co-workers of mine go there daily and this is what they were told.

  2. Same Java City coffee and most of the same employees too! It’s my understanding that one of Java City’s IT guys bought the place.

  3. Hi,

    I work for Java City Corporate Office. Corporate did sell the location BUT all coffee & drink products will remain the same. So diffent name, same coffee!

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