Seen In Natomas

Anyone know what this object de art is on the westbound lane of Del Paso Road?


  1. I believe this artwork has been placed at the exact location where Kim Wheeler was killed. Her car was struck by illegal street racers in mid-June 2005 as she was leaving her job at Java City headquarters on Del Paso Road. I think it’s a sad reminder that something so stupid can take away someone so precious.

  2. I remember that accident… Truly a sad day in Natomas history.

  3. Anonymous says

    This is not the same location as the accident. That spot is marked by a white cross, directly across from Java City. This art is located about a block east. Not sure what this is for??

  4. Anonymous says

    Is this where Cody Faught was in an accident in December? I believe there was/is some type of memorial across the street from this.

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