Natomas Landing Update

There has been some activity on the land located at Del Paso and El Centro since developer Doug Ose halted plans for the Natomas Landing retail project.

A farmer is preparing for a wheat crop. Just in case you’re wondering, this is an allowable use of the property and does not require a permit.


  1. And this is how it ought to be, in my opinion. The land in North Natomas should not have been covered up with so much ugliness, i.e. strip malls, fast food joints, big box stores, tract housing. Best wishes to the farmer who is using the land for what it ws made for. The US has become too dependent on importing food from other countries.

  2. Amen… NN is seriously the nastiest stucco village I have ever seen in my life… if like f’n poltergeist all the promises were broken… it will never be more than it is now…it will fade and turn into a gangland when the economy turns up and people sell their homes or rent them out…they will move north to new gated communities that Fargo and Tretheway are going to build

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