Seen In The Neighborhood

A NATOMAS BUZZ reader called in to report this ruckus at the intersection of North Park Drive and East Commerce. Anyone see what happened?


  1. I don’t know what happened, but I have seen a white car that looks just like that one speed down my street on several occasions.

  2. I saw that this morning too – I couldn’t tell if that was an accident or what… If it was an accident I’m guessing one of those parties ran through the stop sign. More than once I have been stopped at North Park, getting ready to turn left onto East Commerce and have almost been slammed into when people fail to stop there. It amazes me how many times I’ve seen people barely even slow down for that stop sign coming from both North and South on East Commerce.

  3. I would probably agree with the above comments. when you are in front of the new school, turning left, it is almost impossible to tell that the traffic coming southbound has a stop sign. There is a stop sign there but it is not posted on top of a pole like normal stop signs, it is on a waist-level insert on the side of the street. Very dangerous.

  4. Cops only tell us what they feel like telling us. It’s major BS.

  5. I hope it was more than an accident. I count three police cars. Is that really necessary for an accident? Trixie

  6. Actually, there were four cop cars…

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