Auto Mall In Natomas’ Future?

The Sacramento Bee reports this morning that Sacramento county and city officials are talking about how to share tax revenues from auto sales.

This story caught THE BUZZ’s attention with the following:

The auto industry is slumping both locally and nationally, and city and county leaders said the deal provides the flexibility needed to move with the market, whether that means a Natomas auto mall or a downtown auto showroom.

Thoughts, anyone?


  1. An auto mall would be great. Lots of tax revenue, and it’s a relatively quiet/lower-than-retail traffic neighbor. I’d take one of those near me over a run-down giant Hooters-and-Walmart-anchored Natomas Marketplace-style big box emporium anyday.

  2. Where would you put an automall? The one proposed to be placed over near the truck-stop over near Two Rivers and Leroy Greene schools was not a good idea. Maybe off I-80 and Truxel? But I still don’t think we have room for it in Natomas. Other than potential jobs, why do we need it?

  3. Good lawd, no! We have PLENTY of auto dealerships and that will NOT add to our quality of life or ease of commute to anywhere.

    Give us stores we can use like local hardware stores, Trader Joes, and places for our kids to recreate besides tiny-treed parks without rec programs, a decent library, and more RT service.

  4. Put the auto mall on the way to the airport off I-5

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