All The Deats

The official flier for Monday’s community meeting about Natomas crime…

Looks like Mayor Fargo and Councilman Tretheway will be on hand.


  1. As November draws closer, if Fargo cites this town hall meeting (a meeting to address crime she and Tretheway have done nothing to prevent), as an example of her commitment to public safety and community dialog, I am going to SCREAM.

  2. Natomas Pastor says

    I’d like to hear about these so-called “efforts” to apprehend these perpetrators.

    I have pertinent information about one such criminal freely roaming the streets of North Natomas, but when I tried to report it to the SPD all I got was the runaround and eventually a voicemail–twice.

    My family and I are personally victims of 2 crimes in North Natomas, and so far it really doesn’t seem like the police are doing much about it.

    I’ll be there Monday.

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