Not Seen In The Neighborhood: News Coverage

Still Missing “The Boat” As It Were

We can’t help but point out — yet again — how the local media has failed to cover the rash of home-invasion robberies plaguing Natomas.

One would think that if the crimes themselves, or the arrests of a few suspects, didn’t generate interest, the fact Mayor Fargo and Councilman Tretheway plan to attend Monday’s community forum with Sac PD officials would…

Oh, my bad.

Maybe someone will cover it in a couple weeks.


  1. Oh but Fargo and Tretheway will “eat up” the media coverage Monday. Fargo will milk it for all it’s worth. KJ should come out and crash Fargo’s crash.

  2. I just emailed my KJ contacts. If it’s going to be a political sideshow, might as well go all the way. They might just send someone to sit in the audience and collect fodder too.

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