Isn’t It Ironic?

THE BUZZ posted our previous post in the wee hours of morning…

Should have waited a few more hours for this morning’s edition of the Sac Bee.

As pointed out in reader comments already, the Bee has decided to endorse no one candidate at this time.

In an editorial published today, the local daily pub suggests voters cast ballots for any candidate other than current Mayor Fargo or KJ.

The idea is that neither lead candidate would receive a simple majority of the votes to win the election and thus a second vote in November would be required.

We find the Sac Bee‘s reader comments both hilarious and on spot in response to this issue — what do BUZZ readers think?


  1. Well, Bee reader comments are all over the “board” (pun intended) so I’m not sure which ones you agree with. I assertion the Bee was just stalling to sell more papers and someone categorically flagged all my posts so no one could read them.

    I also posted that all the links on Fargo’s web site were not functional (which was testament to how out of touch she is), and mysteriously all the links on her page were working again within about 5 minutes.

    Translated: someone from City of Sac was monitoring boards and ordered the web site be fixed.. and likely flagged all my critical Fargo posts in the process.

    I’m very frustrated about how little natomas residents know about this mayor. It is ALARMING when a resident says “well, she lives in natomas so that’s good enough for me.”

    4 more years of Fargo means no focus on law enforcement for N Natomas and more broken commitments. How could Natomas residents even …. ahh.. I am out of energy. The lack of pride people take in their communities is pathetic… as Fort Natomas burns again..

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