Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or is it unclear who the Sac Bee favors in the upcoming mayoral election?

First there is a huge story about Councilman Robbie Waters switching his endorsement from Fargo to KJ on the front page of the Metro section.

Then there is a story on Page B2 about Sacramento County Supe Roger Dickinson’s endorsement of Fargo.

The articles seem a little editorialized, too. What say you BUZZ readers?


  1. Anonymous says

    Noticed the same too. Also, noticed at the Natomas forum, the implication was that City Council is to blame for many of the issues blamed on the mayor. Don’t know if that’s the truth but the fact that Jones, Dickenson, etc. all support Fargo and city council supports KJ – makes me suspect it’s true. The Bee has always had it’s slants. It is the new editor? Have things changed (for the better? We all have our agenda. My agenda is Natomas and the fact my mayor lives in Natomas is good enough for me.

  2. Anonymous says

    On the editorial page today they indicated that they were endorsing any of the other candidates so that neither Fargo nor Johnson would get a majority in the primary. Their thinking: Keep the investigations going, lets see who comes out clean by the time the general comes along and we can make a more informed choice. Kind of strange but I would say , I would agree. Cant bring myself to vote for either of these people, especially right now.

  3. SacBee editorialized recommendation in Section E today of paper. They are recommending voters vote for one of dark horses to stall election. Means they sell more papers. They crack me up. Also, don’t assume just because Fargo lives in Natomas that she cares about it. Do research please. She cares about creating a “lifestyle” downtown and “greening the city.” You better pray KJ is mayor for this city with the crime we have in Natomas. He is ALL about law enforcement. Don’t believe the hype. -Natomas Park resident, Joe

  4. Joe Joe Joe says

    Fargo approved mos N Natomas plans including Wal Mart center disaster. Says in Bee article, “I should have caught that one.. but the plans were just coming at me so fast..” Do your research. She’s dangerous. Thretheway right there with her. Let’s get rid of both of them, PLEASE

  5. Anonymous says

    KJ has yet to prove a success anywhere. Who’s the one believing hype?

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