Election 2022: Latest Results for Natomas Races

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The top vote getters on Election Day continue to hold the lead in the races for seats on the Sacramento City Council and the Natomas Unified school board, according to an updated count released this afternoon.

Sacramento City Council candidate Lisa Kaplan has widened her lead over opponent Alyssa Lozano in the race to represent the north Natomas and Robla neighborhoods.

Kaplan now has 4,254 or 61.34%% of the votes tallied for the District 1 seat. Lozano has 2,681 or 38.66% of the votes tallied.

Karina Talamantes continues to lead the race to represent the area south of Arena Boulevard including the Gardenland and Northgate neighborhoods on the Sacramento City Council.

Talamantes has 2,987 or 53.40%% of the votes tallied and opponent Michael Lynch has 2,607 or 46.60%.

“I’m encouraged by the results so far, and if they continue on this trend we will be on our way to city hall,” Talamantes told The Natomas Buzz today.

Natomas Unified school board candidate Cindy Quiralte widened her lead over opponent Monique Hokman in the race to represent an area north of Del Paso Road and west of Natomas Boulevard.

Quiralte currently has 921 or 55.58% of the votes tallied while Hokman has 736 or 44.42%.

Noel Mora continues to lead the race to represent an area located south of West El Camino Avenue and west of Interstate 5 on the Natomas Unified school board.

Mora has 1,067 or 61.57% of the votes tallied and opponent Megan Allen has 666 or 38.43%.

“I am thankful to all who helped in this endeavor, to my family and friends, students and parents in our district, and our incredible teachers who put so much of their time into advocating for educational equity,” Mora told The Natomas Buzz today. “The results so far look great, and although many ballots remain to be counted, it is great to know that Natomas agrees that we must serve all who are a part of our schools. I now continue to wait alongside everyone else for a more definitive outcome.”

According to Sacramento County election officials, there are an estimated 192,079 ballots left to process countywide. That number could inch up as ballots mailed on Election Day are received.

Election count updates are scheduled for 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays, except the day after Thanksgiving. The county has 29 days to certify election results.

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