New Dog Grooming Service Open in Natomas

Camron Mbewa said he saw a need for pet grooming services in Natomas. / Photo by Christopher Loupeda

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The Rich Groomer is a new pet grooming service located in Natomas.

Since opening on Dec. 4, 2021, owner Camron Mbewa said his business has had local customers as well as some from Elk Grove and Woodland and as far away as Vacaville and Fairfield.

“The community and area need something like this,” said Mbewa, adding that pet grooming services are in high demand and that there was a gap in the market before he opened The Rich Groomer.

Mbewa is a Sacramento native who graduated from Mira Loma High School and attended California State University, Sacramento on a full-ride scholarship for football. He worked as a personal trainer for several years.

Mbewa said he learned how about grooming with his first dog, a poodle. He now owns five dogs.

“It just was always in my mind that I needed to get a shop,” said Mbewa, a Natomas resident, who operated a dog grooming service from his garage for two years before opening The Rich Groomer.

The shop gets its name from the luxury grooming services it provides and “the rich feel” of the business, Mbewa said.

Maricela Rivas is one of the groomers at The Rich Groomer. / Photo by Christopher Loupeda

The 1,400 square-foot pet spa and lounge currently employs six people and offers a host of grooming services including haircuts, de-sheddings, baths, massages, facial scrubs, dyes, nail trimmings, ear cleanings and more. Plans are for the pet lounge to also provide pick-up and drop-off services, doggy daycare and boarding.

Mbewa said he worked closely with local handyman Billy Ferlow to make this dream of owning a shop a reality. In addition to the lobby, there is the grooming area, office and a dedicated space where customers can lounge while they wait for their pets.

Mbewa describes The Rich Groomer as, “an experience for the dog and pet parent.”

Customers can enjoy refreshments in the lobby or lounge area, watch TV and relax while their dog is receiving services.

“My favorite part is just how happy the clients are when they leave here,” said Mbewa.

Mbewa prides himself on providing premium grooming services and using Earthbath products which are both beneficial for dogs as well as environmentally sustainable. CBD treats are available to help calm some pets.

“What makes us great is the quality of the work, the environment and the customer service,” said Mbewa.

The employees at The Rich Groomer only take on the work that they can manage. Unlike chain pet grooming providers, there are no quotas for employees to meet so that way each dog is treated with maximum care, said Mbewa.

“My employees, they love it,” Mbewa said.

Mbewa said he hopes to open a second location in midtown and would like to franchise The Rich Groomer. He also plans to start a Rich Groomer clothing line for customers.

The Rich Groomer is located at 3291 Truxel Road, Suite 23, Sacramento, CA 95833 and is open 9 am. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Visit for more information.

Nia Castillo at The Rich Groomer in Natomas. / Photo by Christopher Loupeda

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