Opinion: Representing All of Natomas at City Hall

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Chris Paros

Do you care about the future of your neighborhood?

Do you care about the future of Natomas?

If so, you will want to pay attention to the city of Sacramento’s 2021 redistricting process.

According to the city’s redistricting website, north Natomas grew over 25% since the 2010 census, and we grew much more than any other district in Sacramento. This means that we cannot assume all of north Natomas (north of Interstate 80) will end up in city council District 1.

South Natomas may also be impacted by redistricting.

City council District 4, which includes south Natomas west of I-5, grew over 16%. And city council District 3, which includes South Natomas east of I-5, grew over 18%.

How will the city council District 1 lines be drawn for north Natomas? Will south Natomas continue to be split up into two other council districts as happened after the 2010 census? What district will YOUR neighborhood be in?

Key point: the new district maps will determine who represents you, and how well your neighborhood will be represented in city hall, for the next 10 years to come.

It is hard to tell, but we may now have a very big opportunity to create two — or almost two — Natomas-area city council districts. If so, Natomas could get much stronger representation in city hall, which we very much need.

Think what it could mean for Natomas to have two councilmembers on the Sacramento City Council!

But don’t count on the redistricting commissioners to do that.

You have an opportunity to help the city’s Independent Redistricting Commission decide. Submit your own suggested district map by Sunday, Nov. 7 to the city’s website here.

Chris Paros is a longtime Natomas resident and member of the North Natomas Community Coalition.

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Currently, Natomas is represented by District 1, District 3 and District 4. / Source: City of Sacramento

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