Opinion: Cut These Trees Down in Natomas?

BY DAVID BRADY SPECIAL TO THE NATOMAS BUZZ Would you like to see these trees cut down? That is exactly what a developer has been collaborating with the city to do on West El Camino Ave. The … [Read more...]

Opinion: Do Not Reduce Developer Fees for City Parks

BY ROSEMARIE BENITEZ RUGGIERI SPECIAL TO THE NATOMAS BUZZ On Sept. 5 the Parks Commission, including me voted unanimously to reject the Sacramento city staff's recommendation to decrease the … [Read more...]

Opinion: Don’t Leave A Hole In Natomas’ Future With Arena Deal

BY RON DWYER-VOSS SPECIAL TO THE NATOMAS BUZZ Open letter to Councilmembers Cohn and Ashby, I am writing to ask what you are doing to make sure the proposed arena deal does not leave a major … [Read more...]

Opinion: End Tobacco Sales Near Natomas Schools

BY RON DWYER-VOSSSPECIAL TO THE NATOMAS BUZZThe State of California spends nearly $9 BILLION a year on tobacco-related medical costs (1) and 90% of smokers who generate these costs, began smoking in … [Read more...]

Commentary: Renovate Power Balance?

BY BILL BRADLEYSpecial ToTHE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzzIt was like something out of a really bad movie. Only you can't make this stuff up.In one day, Sacramento's production of a new arena at the … [Read more...]

Opinion: Plan Cuts River Oaks Off From South And North Natomas

BY JOHN M. SHIELSTHE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzzWhile the controversy over Oak Park has drawn most of the attention, the redistricting map under consideration will cut off the River Oaks community … [Read more...]