Redistricting 2021: Why Natomas Matters

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redistricting sacramento natomasbuzz.comIn August, 2020 census data will be used to redraw the boundaries for legislative districts both locally and across the country.

The U.S. Census Bureau is slated to release new information which will show how demographics have changed over the past 10 years, including in Natomas and the greater Sacramento region. This information will also show how populations have shifted and what areas have gained — or lost — residents.

What is redistricting?
Every 10 years, the Census is held to count every resident in the United States. This population information is used to redraw boundaries and voting districts to ensure equal representation in local, state and federal government, including school districts.

Why should Natomas residents care?
District or legislative boundaries decide who represents area residents and their interests. These boundaries may also affect the economics and tax base of a neighborhood and the resources available for things such as new parks. Guidelines for the way these boundaries are drawn are meant to ensure community interests and individual rights are protected during the process.

The city of Sacramento was redistricted in 2011. That process saw Natomas — previously represented by a single city councilmember — split into three separate districts.

The Natomas area accounts for about one-fifth of the city’s total population which is represented by eight elected city council members. How the Natomas area is represented on the Sacramento City Council will affect the community for the next 10 years and beyond.

Currently, city council District 1 includes the area north of Interstate 80 and west of Steelhead Creek. City council District 3 includes most of south Natomas, the Northgate corridor and Gardenland neighborhood, but also encompasses East Sacramento, River Park, Sacramento State, the downtown Railyards and River District. And city council District 4 includes River Oaks east of Interstate 5 and south of Interstate 80 as well as the central city, Land Park, Little Pocket, Marina Vista, South Land Park Estates and South Land Park Terrace. (map)

How You Can Participate

There are number of ways Natomas residents can participate in the redistricting process locally:

City of Sacramento

Sacramento County

Natomas Unified School District

State and Congressional districts for Zone D including Sacramento

The Natomas Buzz is a Sacramento Redistricting Campaign partner.


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