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This empty lot at Manera Rica Drive and Lake Katie Way is slated to become a park. / Photo

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“Do we have any updates on the empty lot at the end of Manera Rica? Many of us once had a beautiful view of the lakes/fountains, but have now stared at dirt mounds for the last two years.” —Jarred Winn

The city’s Youth, Parks and Community Enrichment department recently received approval to begin the process of creating a “park master plan” for the undeveloped property near Manera Rica Drive and Lake Katie Way, according to Carlos Eliason, creative specialist in the Sacramento City Manager’s office.

A park master plan, Eliason said, would outline the kinds of amenities, investments and improvements for each park and must be completed before development can occur.

“As part of the process of creating the park master plan, staff are scheduling several public meetings to gather feedback from residents and will soon work with neighborhood associations and city council offices to share info about meeting dates and times,” Eliason explained.

The city is working with the developer of the site to ensure that once a park master plan is approved, development can occur in a timely manner, Eliason added.

The park is expected to feature large open spaces and to be completed in two to three years.

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