Dozens Participate in Peaceful Protest in Natomas

Image of about five dozen protesters standing in a large circle within an amphitheater.

Protesters pray before marching in Natomas on June 2. / Photo

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz

About five dozen people participated in a peaceful march Tuesday, June 1 in Natomas.

“Rally 4 Change” was organized by Imani Jordan who promoted the event via Instagram.

The march was described online as a “peaceful protest in remembrance of black lives taken by police brutality.”

“We are not tearing up the community, but making our voices heard!” the online message read. “Come with that on your minds as we are all hurting.”

Hundreds have gathered in the past week in Oak Park and downtown Sacramento to protest the recent death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minn.

Participants of protest in Natomas first rallied together at the amphitheater in the North Natomas Regional Park off New Market Drive.

As people arrived, Jordan shared information about African American history such as the significance of Juneteenth.

Imani and Natomas pastor Dean Deguara led the group in prayer prior to the march.

The group left the regional park walking south along Via Ingoglia. They then walked east on Del Paso Road, many carrying signs, and chanting “We’re here for peace; keeping it peaceful.”

The group continued walking south on Truxel Road — picking up additional protesters along the way — to the Natomas Marketplace shopping center.

Sacramento Police provided an escort and traffic control for the group.

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