Natomas Students Promote Hijab Awareness


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Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School’s Muslim Student Association hosted a Hijab Day on Thursday.

The educational event held Dec. 12 was organized to raise awareness about the the Hijab, the head covering worn by Muslim women.

MSA currently has 15 core members. The Hijab Day event, however, was spearheaded by a handful of 12th grade girls focusing on Islamophobia for their senior project. Islamophobia is the fear of people who practice the religion of Islam.

Stereotypes about Islam prompted MSA club members to educate their NP3 peers that women are not oppressed by, or forced to, wear the Hijab.hijab2

More than 100 girls participated in the event by wearing a Hijab for the day. Boys were given necklaces with written messages about the Hijab.

“I was amazed by the turnout and am thankful for all the people that participated in the event,” says Samantha Masters, who has been wearing a Hijab for her senior project for nine week, an experience she said was difficult at first but easier now.

The MSA Club plans to have more events after winter break.


  1. Саид Нургали says

    I’m very thankful for the action of support! Be happy! InshaLLAH!

  2. Maybe time for a Sura 8:12 Day (with or without practical demonstrations in support): “… I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore
    strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

  3. Hey slut, no makeup or I will beat you. Not in the face as the fatwa says that is not needed as long as you obey. Why go a little when you can go all the way? I am not sure that Cali would survive an actual sharia like they have in many parts of southern Michigan. Visit Dearborn in your normal dress and see what it is like. Last I checked being gay is punishable by hangings or beatings at the very least, females not obedient to male family members can and are honor killed, marital rape is allowed as it is the males desire that is important. This is not islamophobic but rather being knowledgable on the subject. Is there no end to liberal blindness? France is trying to take back some of the 751 no go sharia zones in that country according to their own govt. This is not some newspaper or islamophobe blog but the French gov. And these are not areas where tourists should not go but where their own police and other emergency services won’t go. It is also interesting to note that many of them surround high populations of Islamic immigrants. We are seeing the results of the Chamberlain tactic around the European theatre and yet welcome it here.

  4. ” Islamophobe is the fear of people who practice the religion of Islam ” There is no fear of Islam in the west, its myth, and if that was the case then you would NOT have had this Hijab day. but there is ”infidelphobia” in all muslim countries. In Saudi Arabia non muslims are not even allowed to pray openly or bring bible to Saudi Arabia .

  5. The girl on the right ,sign says ” It is not the Hijab that oppresses women it is the illiterate mind ” You are right, Do you know profit mohammed was illiterate, that is the reason he wanted muslims women to cover up. Read Quran Sura 4:34 ,where a muslim man is permitted to beat his wife, Do you know Mohammed at the age of 52 married 6 years old girl Aisha. Muslims do that to this day ,

  6. I hope to see you host events promoting Judaism, Catholicism, Atheism, Baptist, Episcopalian, Methodism, Quakerism, Buddhism, Agnosticism, etc. It would be biased to ignore the rest of the world’s religions/beliefs.

  7. Holy crap, where is the outrage from parents of students? This is despicable. Do you not know about separation of church and state? I wouldn’t send my kid to that school for the world. Unacceptable.

  8. trash

  9. … and thank you for confirming by your censorship of my comments that I’m 100% right … ; )

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