Big Lots in Natomas Closing for ‘Safety Reasons’

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The Big Lots retail store in Natomas is scheduled to close early next month reportedly due to “safety reasons.”

According to employees, the store will likely shutter the second week of January. There are no plans to reopen in a different location, they said.

Employees said there had been “too many” crime-related incidents that risked their safety. Workers are being assigned to different store locations in the Sacramento area, they said.

The Big Lots retail store is located at 3309 Northgate Boulevard in Natomas.

Big Lots is North America’s largest broadline closeout retailer. It currently operates 1,527 stores in the 48 contiguous United States, five in Canada, and 74 Liquidation World and LW stores in Canada.

Calls to Big Lots corporate had not been returned at press time.

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  1. Keith Sharward says

    Sorry, I don’t believe that’s the reason. Not that I doubt there have been crimes occurring or that it’s been unacceptable, but to claim that’s the reason the store is closing is not credible to me. Has anyone checked with Corporate Headquarters? I just sent them an email. We’ll see what they say.

  2. You let the riff raff in and that is what happens. Natomas use to be a half way decent place to live but with all the low income housing and all the homeless no wonder stores are closing. Lots of crime in this area now!!! Sad, sad, sad!!

  3. I don’t buy it either. I have lived here since 1986 and while there have been some issues here or there, we have never had any major problems.

    • Several Big Lots employees told us they were personally threatened w/ weapons when confronting those attempting to steal merchandise. Still awaiting official comment from Big Lots corporate.

      • I wonder how other Big Lots in the area handle shoplifters. I don’t see them closing their other stores. Perhaps it is time for the property owners to get involved and actually help protect the businesses they lease to.

  4. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to hire security than relocate ALL their employees?


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