Student Struck by Vehicle Near Natomas High


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A 15-year-old boy was listed in serious condition at an area hospital after being hit Tuesday morning by a vehicle in Natomas.

At about 7:54 a.m. on Sept. 24 a van headed northbound on Truxel Road hit the juvenile who is a student at nearby Natomas High School.

Sacramento police said the boy was running westbound across Truxel Road, north of San Juan Road and near Vallarta Circle, when he was struck. The driver, an adult female, stopped immediately and reported the accident.

The boy was transported to the UC Davis Medical Center with serious injuries. Police said it did not appear speed or alcohol were factors in the collision.

“At this time, we believe the juvenile had jaywalked outside of the intersection when he crossed the roadway,” police Lt. Norm Leong said.

School Resource Officers have been monitoring the intersection of Truxel and San Juan roads before and after school in response to recent media reports about students jaywalking there, Leong said.

In a recorded telephone message last Friday, Natomas High principal Mark Beebe asked families to remind their students about the dangers of jaywalking.

Today’s accident occurred after the second bell, when students were to be in class, Leong said.

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the accident to call the Sacramento Police Dept.’s non-emergency line at (916) 264-5471 and reference report #13-259859.


  1. Despite the fact that it was “after the bell” or that the student was “jaywalking”, these parents and people driving around these schools need to slow down and pay attention. There should be a police officer or adult at these high traffic times of pick up and drop off at schools. I am a parent of 2 in the Natomas district and the parents amaze me every single day with the speeding, not being considerate to other drivers and anger/road rage. In the 2 schools my children go to they speed, don’t have the sense to give other drivers courtesy and simply do not pay attention. Is it really going to take a student to get killed or accidents or a more severe fight with someone severely injured for the schools, city and the district to wake up and help to keep our students safer? I believe there needs to be supervision in these areas where our children are suppose to be safe IN ALL AREAS where there is traffic. I hope to see this situation remedied before something more serious happens.

    • I get what you’re saying; I have that problem outside of Jefferson Elementary which is on a residential street. However, Truxel is a main artery and the speed limit is 45 — you don’t have to be speeding or negligent to hit a jaywalking kid. I’ve almost hit jaywalkers on San Juan multiple times, where they come out unexpectedly from between cars. Teenagers should be old enough to understand that walking across a busy street is dangerous, so while it’s too bad that this kid got hurt, how foolish was his action?

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