Natomas Balloon Business Adds Twist, Rides Helium Decline

Mike and Carolyn Hadin

Mike and Carolyn Hadin and their handiwork. / Courtesy Photo

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With helium prices inflating and the economy still deflating, it’s no wonder Natomas business owner and resident Carolyn Hadin is diversifying her balloon enterprise.

The balloon master continues to stretch her business savvy to keep up with the changing market.

For more than a year, Hadin and her husband Mike have worked to expand their 22-year-old Balloons by Carolyn enterprise to include Just for Fun Art, a newer venture which offers face painting, henna art and balloon twisting classes. Balloons by Carolyn and Just for Fun Art are located at 1425 North Market Boulevard in Suite 3 where face-painting and balloon-twisting supplies are also sold.


Courtesy Photo

“It’s the only place I’ve found in Sacramento that offers those classes,” said Elizabeth Ercila, owner of Fancy Feet Dance Academy in East Sacramento. Ercila sends her instructors to the Hadins’ classes to learn art and balloon skills for studio parties and events.

Customers like Ercila, are helping the Hadins’ business adjust to the rising cost – and shortage – of helium due to an increased demand for natural gas. Helium uses natural gas.

The Hadins lost their helium tank rental business due to the supply shortage.

“We went from five to eight tanks a week to one to two a week if we are lucky,” she said.

Warned by their distributor the Hadins prepared several years for the helium shortage and focused on using more air-filled balloons and ways to expanding their business.

Hadin said 80 percent of her balloon designs are now made with air-filled balloons. The growing focus on party art and balloon classes also helps.

“We are going to get through the helium shortage and the economy,” Hadin said. “We made it through the 90’s and we’ll make it through this also.”

The Hadins’ popular balloon creations are used for all occasions such as corporate events and weddings.

The couple frequently donates their services and balloons to charity and community events including the recent Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at the State Capitol and North Natomas Little League’s closing ceremonies.

In addition to classes, Just for Fun Art art offers free “jams” where amateur and professional body and balloon artists can teach, learn and mingle. Balloon-twisting jams are held on the third Thursday of each month and face painting sessions on the first Thursday.

Reservations are required to participate in classes and jam session. To sign up call Eva at (916) 417-3176. Click here for a current schedule.


Learning how to twist balloons at Just for Fun Arts. / Courtesy Photo


Face-painting supplies. / Courtesy Photo


A work of art. / Courtesy Photo


  1. I hired Balloons by Carolyn to do face painting at my daughter’s 6th birthday party and the kids LOVED it. This is not amateur face painting, but amazing works of art! I highly recommend this service!

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