Hi Brandy: The Summer Natomas community support was substantially greater in 2012 at the Promenade than in 2011 when we were at the high school location, about 30 per cent higher. But beginning at the middle of September and on through October the customer numbers continued to decline dramatically each market Saturday even though the sun was out, weather was unseasonably good, and we had a relatively large number of farmers still attending. We know that once the cold, wind and rain are the normal weather patterns, both customers and farmers will have even more difficulty in supporting the market. But with a strong farmer/customer core support in October next year we feel we could well have the requisite farmer/customer balance to brave the discouraging Winter elements that must be endured to maintain a year around market location. Many thanks to the Promenade for their outstanding and super support this year, and to all the Natomas “foodies” that made this market at times to be very vibrant and viable for our farmers. Our intention is to reopen in the sunny Spring skies the first week of May next year for the beginning of Cherry season and the peak of Asparagus. And many thanks to you Brandy for all you have done for our program. Much appreciated.

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