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“Do you know if there is public access to the all weather running tracks at either the ARC Natomas Center or Natomas High School for folks who would like to go jogging there? I used to live over by ARC on Winding Way in Carmichael, and provided the teams were not working out one could use the facilities.”
-Mark Smith via e-mail

Michael S. Cannon, executive director of the Natomas Unified School District’s facilities and planning department responds:

“We have previously and currently do not allow access to our tracks outside the Facilities Use process, due to liability concerns, as well as student safety concerns during school hours as well as after-school sports practice.”
“I would note that the tracks we have at both high schools are artificial and located inside the stadiums; opening them to the public would effectively open the entire stadium to the public, with severe liability, crime and damage concerns.”
“The track at Natomas Middle School circles the soccer field, and is also fenced for the same reasons noted above. The DG (decomposed granite) track at Leroy Greene is not fenced, and we are having problems with people running their dogs on the track and not cleaning up after them, as well as dumping trash on and adjacent to the track.”

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