Natomas Bites: La Mex Taqueria

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Years after standing by his father’s side, watching him prepare food, George Azar discovered his desire to cook.

Trading his Honda in as down payment for a used food truck, Azar took a risk and opened La Mex Taqueria. Over time he upgraded to a custom-designed, stabilized truck parked at a fixed location, 2630 Northgate Boulevard, next to Rico’s Pizza.

The secret to the success of La Mex Taqueria: Keep the menu simple and focus on the flavor of the food.

Azar and his crew season and prepare each of the seven types of meats and handcraft all of their salsas.

For a tamer taste you can chose from steak, pork and chicken. For a more authentic Mexican meal, I suggest trying the carne asada (roasted beef), lengua (beef tongue) or cabesa (beef cheeks). 

I ordered a variety of tacos and at $1 each it was a bargain.

The average taco consists of two corn tortillas, your choice of meat, onion and cilantro. With the flavors of the perfectly seasoned meat anything else would be a distraction.

I ate like I was going to be executed the next day. 

Taking a bite of the cabesa taco quickly brought to mind fond memories of my grandmother’s cooking. My dining partner commented, “Wow, these are just like the tacos I had in Mexico.” 

The only downsides to dining at La Mex Taqueria is no place to sit and eat your meal and they don’t take credit cards. During the hour I was there, a steady stream of customers ordered their food to go.

The next time you are looking for something to eat, take the $6 you would spend on a fast food chain’s burger combo and head over to La Mex Taqueria. With tacos at $1 and tortas (Mexican sandwich) topping the menu at $5, you can’t go wrong.


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