Raley’s Apologizes For Solicitors

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz
A Natomas grocery store is apologizing to customers for a group aggressive solicitors stationed in front of its doors.
Sacramento police officers responded last week to a disturbance that erupted over a petition drive at Raley’s on Natomas Boulevard. Police said they advised both sides but store officials have taken additional action by posting signs at its entrances.
The group has been asked to leave and has refused to.”
A group collecting signatures has been soliciting outside the store for the past few days and (the store director has) received several customer complaints that the group is being overly aggressive,” Raley’s spokesperson Ashley Zepernick said.
The solicitors seek signatures from registered voters for a petition related to the new sales tax law and Amazon.com. According to Zepernick, the group did not follow the store’s policy which requires organizations request specific dates and store locations and agree to a set of rules before being approved to solicit outside Raley’s stores.
The group has been asked to leave and has refused to,” Zepernick said. “The sign … apologizes for any inconvenience caused by solicitors who are soliciting without permission from Raley’s.”

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