Recycle Right, Win Big In Natomas

Recycling right can pay off big for Natomas residents.
The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities is launching the 2011 Recycling Incentive Awards the week of May 2 by checking bins in City Council District 1, which includes Natomas.
Each week through June 27, the city will randomly select recycling containers in a selected neighborhoods and check for proper recycling. The owners of the first recycling container with only clean recyclables will be awarded $100 and the chance to win an iPad2.
An estimated 30 percent recyclable materials collected from blue bins is contaminated with food or other materials and cannot be recycled. This contest hopes to decrease the percent of contamination and increase recycling overall.
“Recycling right is the right thing to do. Clean, dry and usable recyclables limits waste going to the landfills and is a win for the environment,” said Marty Hanneman, Director of the Department of Utilities.
The City of Sacramento accepts clean, dry and usable items in its blue recycling containers including: bottles and cans, paper, phone books, cardboard, glass jars, plastic containers, newspaper, metal cans and containers and more.
Cash awards will be presented at a city council meeting and one of the eight selected cash winners will also have their name drawn to win an iPad2. All prizes are from AT&T Real Yellow Pages and the Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station and do not use City utility funds.

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