Opinion: County Responds To Natomas Supe’s Report

County Superintendent Seeks
To Clarify Two Points
Submitted by Dave Gordon,
Sacramento County Superintendent of Schools

The education community is watching with great interest the ongoing financial developments within the Natomas Unified School District.
As you know, the Sacramento County Office of Education has been working closely with the district and have appointed a fiscal advisor to work with the district.

I wanted to bring to your attention a recent story posted on the NATOMAS BUZZ website and ask that clarifications be made for the sake of accuracy. The story is titled “Opinion: Natomas Supe’s Report On State Takeover”.

In the story, Natomas Supt. Bobby Plough reports to Natomas school board on the district’s financial status. There are two areas in particular needing clarification.

In one part, the story reads:

“Since the Nov. 9 board meeting SCOE has alerted the district that once the Governor signs the legislation in January or February, we are financially obligated to the state loan and at that point there is no turning back.”

Actually, January and February is when the process will start in which a legislator would sponsor a bill to begin the loan process. Although, it seems unlikely such legislation would get in front of the new governor that soon.

Another section of the story reads:

“SCOE estimates the loan would be $20 million to as much as $30 million as opposed to the $8.9 million in salary concessions that all district employees are being asked to take over the next two years.”

In truth, we have never estimated a loan amount. Our representatives did use similar amounts as a “hypothetical” during a discussion, but only as an example. Actually, the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team and the California Department of Education would assist with determining a loan amount.

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