Heard In Natomas: Pho NV One Closes Doors

The Vietnamese eatery Pho NV One, located in the strip mall at Del Paso Road and Gateway Park Boulevard, reportedly closed for business on June 31.
One reader writes: “I am devastated. Their Pho is excellent. Their broth is so rich and flavorful.”
This is the second time a Vietnamese restaurant has closed in the same location. Pho NV One was just written up in the current issue of N Mag.
On a brighter note, THE BUZZ had the chance to check out Wayside Noodles, a Vietnamese restaurant recently opened in Natomas Marketplace on Truxel, and featured in the Sac Biz Journal.
Thanks, S.J., for the tip! 


  1. Perhaps if they had accepted debit card, we would have gone back to them.

  2. It would also help if they sold regular Vietnamese dishes instead of just Pho. Hot Soup in Hot Sacramento is a TOUGH sell.

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