Bannon Creek Parents Hear Closure Plan

About 150 people were in attendance tonight for the second in series of three public meetings meant to prepare Natomas families for a school closure.

The meeting was held at Bannon Creek Elementary School which is one of three campuses identified for possible closure by the Natomas Unified School District. Natomas Park and Jefferson elementary schools are also on the list.

Parents tonight were attentive and asked questions throughout the district’s presentation this evening. A Spanish/English translator was on hand.
In the audience tonight were school district board of trustee members B. Teri Burns, Lisa Kaplan and Bruce Roberts. The school board is scheduled to decide which campus to close in March.


  1. After listening to the same presentation at Natomas Park Elementary on the 16th and hearing about the negative impact on our student’s safe routes to school, lack of space in Heron( the school closest to NPE) and the long term impact on our student’s and teacher’s morale, not to mention potential vandalism and reduced home values for surrounding houses, I am convinced that the best short-term solution is for parents to raise the $350,000 needed and keep all of our schools open.

    I’m also convinced that 55 million dollars, really is enough money to educate 10,000 students – if used properly. So perhaps a long term solution is for parents,community members and business owners in Natomas to form a coalition that will come up with an alternative district structure.

    What are your thoughts?

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