Magic Touch For Natomas Arena Proposal?

The group proposing a new arena be built in Natomas is fielding media calls in response to an earlier report by NewsTalk 1530 KFBK that basketball superstar Earvin “Magic” Johnson is poised to back the plan.

Natomas ESC Partners is scheduled to present their arena proposal to the mayor’s 12-member citizen task force during a second day of public hearings scheduled to start 10 a.m. tomorrow. The first hearings were held this evening.

Skansa USA is a member of the Natomas Partners ESC team and has an existing business relationship with Magic Johnson Enterprises. According to KFBK, Johnson’s involvement in the Natomas arena plan could be announced during the Natomas Partners ESC presentation.

Presentations last approximately 25 minutes followed by an opportunity to ask presenters questions about their plans. The hearings are part of Phase II of the task force process, which consists of reviewing the proposals submitted and will ultimately lead to formal recommendations to Mayor Kevin Johnson and community next month.

10 a.m.
Holiday Inn
2981 Advantage Way


  1. As a Natomas business, this proposal makes the most sense. We have the space, the infrastructure is almost ready, and it would be the least expensive proposal out there. We all need to get behind this proposal and keep the arena in Natomas!

  2. I would support keeping the arena in Natomas. If not, then the proposal with the state fair here is good. Let’s keep an entertainment venue here, instead of more warehouses and apartments that will fill the spot otherwise.

  3. I definitely agree with Steve . . if we can’t have the arena, then we need SOMETHING. Stae Fair would be a decent consolation prize. I thought I read an article a while back (when Heather Fargo was still mayor) where she suggested moving the Zoo or a water park to the Natomas site if the arena moved.

  4. There is a Raging Waters water park currently at CalExpo that is open during the summer months before, during, and after the State Fair weeks. I would guess that if the State Fair comes to Natomas, the water park could come too. It would be nice if there was a water park nearby that the Natomas kids could go to all summer long. (My first choice is a new Natomas arena though).

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