Sam’s Club Store Closure In Poor Form

Sam’s Club employees today tell the THE BUZZ they had no idea the Natomas store was doing poorly until they were informed of plans to close effective Jan. 22.
More than 100 employees were called in for a mandatory meeting 7 p.m. Sunday at which time they were told the store had been “operating in the red” since it opened in 2007. While employees had no idea going in the topic of last night’s meeting, apparently someone in store management tipped off Channel 13 which filmed footage of employees arriving to the meeting from afar which was aired in this report.
“Ironically I saw the report as I was getting ready for work this morning,” one employee said while processing member refunds to customers. “I realized they must have been filming us coming to the meeting from a news van or something.” 
Employees tell us Sam’s Club and Walmart stores in the region were previously directed to put a freeze on hiring new employees in anticipation of the warehouse store’s closure so that displaced employees could be given rehiring priority. One worker told us employees had to “interview” for jobs and another told us there are layoff packages available to those who do not plan to stay with the company.
Said one worker, “This store is not in a good location. Some people did not even know we were here.”


  1. The store’s restaurant has already closed … don’t go looking for cheap hot dogs!

  2. Said one worker, “This store is not in a good location. Some people did not even know we were here.”

    Thats a GREAT location. They need better signage maybe, but they are RIGHT off of the freeway, accessible from Northgate OR Truxel.

    Once again, Natomas and Sacramento county lose another huge tax generator. Well, I for one will be off to the new Costco in Woodland or Super Walmart in West Sac to give my tax dollars to Yolo County I guess.

    Surely the shopping Center was notified of the closure in advance…and news of a possible replacement?

  3. It’s not just us:

    Not that it helps any…

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