Christmas Tree Pickups Delayed Til … ?

Many Natomas residents are wondering why their Christmas trees were not picked up today as advertised by the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities website:

“Place your tree out for loose-in-the-street collection by 6:00am on your regular collection day the week of January 11, 2010.”

Monday is the regular pickup day for garbage, recycling and green waste in Natomas. A call to the city operator at 311 yielded the following answer from Brandon, “Due to budgetary cutbacks the city is not able to pickup the trees as scheduled.”

Brandon was unable to say when trees would be picked up and noted the city had not yet updated its website to reflect this info. 


  1. We put ours out a week ago, not having seen the memo about waiting till the 11th. It got picked up on our regular collection day along with the trash and recycling.

  2. Ours was picked up yesterday.

  3. Great! We hear more trees are being picked up today.

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