Flying Pig CLOSED!

Last week…


  1. I’m very saad to see this business close. The food was good (especially Tri Tip Tuesdays) and the service and management was top notch.

    Support your local eateries, folks, or we won’t have any.

    My best wishes to the crew at Armadillo Willy’s Flying Pig Natomas. I hope they land on their feet and that the restaurant opens again under new ownership soon.

  2. I am sad to see it go, however, until the city can provide some actual police protection it is difficult to bring your family to a shopping area known more for robbery and murder than for its dining and shopping opportunities.

  3. Awww this is terrible. That was one of the best restaurants in No Natomas. What’s next?

  4. I have been to that shopping area millions of times. Never once did I feel my family was in danger. Stop making Natomas sound much worse than it really is. Reading this and other posts, an outsisder, would think we have to dodge bullets to get a loaf of bread at the grocery store. Geez.

  5. I loved that place and often got dinner from there. My favorite was the Carolina Pork Salad. Waaa!

  6. Went with co-workers regularly for lunch. Everyone always loved it.
    We’ve lost a lot of places. Pei Wei, Daphnes, Johnny Rockets, pick up stix, Strings Itallian, Center court.

  7. This was my all-time favorite place to go. I was actually heading there for dinner when I ran into the people cleaning it out. They said the were taking it to San Jose, which makes sense because all other Armadillo Willys are in the Bay. They had the best food in town and my family and friends would meet there and let the kids run around in the big opening right next to the patio. Whenever people would give me grief about living in Natomas, I would always reply, yeah, Folsom and Roseville are nice, but we’ve got FLYING PIG! Well no more….

  8. I talked with the owner of a small North Natomas restaurant today who said he is really struggling. What’s more, he said his next-door neighbor (another restaurant) is also struggling and may not last six months. The neighbor has nearly 20 other restaurants throughout Northern California, and the only one that is struggling is the location in North Natomas.

    The economic microclimate in Natomas is in dire shape. I fear it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. My worst fear is that we already saw our community at its best and that it will continue to slide.

    I was driving down Florin Road yesterday and I wondered what happened to allow it to deteriorate so much over the years. Then I wondered if Truxel Road would resemble it someday.

    I really hope Natomas turns around.

  9. Hey, Natomas Buzz!

    Where’s your coverage of the Natomas Sam’s Club store closing as well? What’s next? The Buzz is usually more timely than this.

  10. Isnt there a chance that this will be only a change of ownership and that it will remain in Natomas?

  11. Very sad indeed. Like a previous poster, I would take my family there and let the kids run around in the large open area while waiting for our food. We especially loved going there during the holidays so we could sit outside next to the HUGE chrismas tree.

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