Will Craig Needs Your Help!

I know everyone has been very concerned about Natomas Journal publisher Will Craig. He just called me 10 minutes ago and is need of big favor!

He is home now from the hospital. But he needs to move out of his home to another location so he can be taken care of. He has no strength, and is in a wheel chair, he needs a lot of assistance. I know it is short notice, but he needs our HELP!

If anyone is available Saturday Morning starting at 8 a.m. If they could come to Will’s House in Natomas Crossing to help him, his mother and family move his belongings that would be great!

I will have donuts and coffee there. So Please Come Help Us! Please tell your friends anyone one you know that could help.I have no idea how much stuff needs to be moved but with many hands we could knock this out quickly!

If you have any questions please call me Lisa Rojas 813-5174!

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