Mosquito Season, Already?

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District is reminding peeps to “drain after every rain” to prevent mosquitoes!

“We’re starting to see many mosquitoes now,” said David Brown, District Manager. “Mosquitoes that have been resting all winter are coming out ready to bite and begin their cycle”.

With the rain over the weekend, the District urges all residents to inspect their homes and drain any standing water from household containers such as buckets, cans, flower pots and old tires that might be in their back yard.

Foreclosed homes and neglected swimming pools continue to be a problem for the District. With many homes still vacant in the area, it is expected that District personnel will spend many hours treating pools this upcoming season.

“Swimming pools and common backyard sources such as piles of garbage or old tires pose major problems for us. We really need the public’s help in identifying these sources so we can take care of them,” said Brown.

To report a neglected swimming pool or other mosquito breeding problems, please call 1-800-429-1022 or fill out a service request online at

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