In The News: Way To Use That Gray Matter!

CBS 13 is reporting Natomas advocate Curtis Cook may have come up with an idea to save the Natomas Unified School District $50,000.

A South Natomas resident, Cook works as a tech support specialist for Yolo County, is a member of the Natomas Crime & Safety Leadership Team, is heavily involved with Natomas High School, and serves on the Natomas Community Association board of directors.

When Natomas school officials asked parents and community members to kick in and help pay for a huge budget shortfall, Cook suggested a way the district could possibly save some money.

According to the report, Cook and his department came up with a simple computer script that tells the school district server to power down hundreds of computers, saving big on electricity and forgoing the need to buy a software program that triggers sleep mode.


  1. Yeah Curtis – good job!

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