You Asked, We Got The Answer

I thought a Fresh & Easy store was going to open here in Natomas. Do you know when?

“We have not yet announced an opening date for the Del Paso & East Commerce store. The current economic climate requires us, like all businesses, to be prudent in our expansion –- so instead of accelerating our expansion we are opening stores at about the same pace as we have been over the last year. Every month we continue to open more stores, secure more future store locations and hire additional employees. We will continue to evaluate the appropriate time to open each store and we will let our neighbors know as we get closer to the opening date.”

-Brendan Wonnacott,
Fresh & Easy Media Relations


  1. Related kinda:
    When I was at Trader Joe’s on Marconi this Saturday, they were taking a zip code survey. I mentioned we want a store in Natomas and the clerk said the clerks hear that all the time and could tell the head office where a store is needed without a survey.

    The point is – if you haven’t been to TJ’s in a while as I hadn’t, going in and giving them your zip code sends a vote to the TJ head office. BAS

  2. I was at the TJ’s on Folsom blvd on Saturday and they were asking for zip codes. They had a little sign that said this helps them determine what area they might be looking into for new stores.

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