Hello there Ms. Buzz,

My wife and I tried out Cool River Pizza for the first time this past weekend and absolutely loved the taste of our Hawaiian pizza. They are located on Northgate and seeing the number of food establishments that have closed down I thought maybe you could plug them on your blog.

Take care,

Thanks for your note:
Consider COOL RIVER PIZZA officially “plugged” by THE BUZZ!


  1. From South Natomas says

    I second this! This place is a MUST EAT out in Roseville where I used to work.

  2. I’m dismayed that several of my favorite local businesses have recently either gone out of business, or they are on the verge of going out of business.

    There are three local businesses that I want to plug, in the hope that others will check them out and keep them healthy.

    I looked all over the area for an auto mechanic that was both good, and that I could trust. This one is a bit hidden, but they are right here in Natomas Park, and I’d hate to lose them:

    Natomas Auto Care
    1920 Terracina Dr. #100

    A fudge store opened up just recently, and this is a great place to get a gift card for special occasions:

    Expressions in Chocolate
    4261 Truxel

    The Jimboys on Truxel was too hidden to make it. A new restaurant has gone into the same building. It is a dynamite Japanese/sushi place! The prices are very reasonable too!

    2057 Arena Blvd. #150

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