Natomas Bank Robbed This Morning

The Sacramento Police Department reports Bank of America in Natomas was robbed at 10:02 a.m. this morning.

The suspect is described as a white adult male, approximately 35 years in age, 5’8″, and wearing denim. It is possible he had red hair.

The man reportedly entered the bank, went to a teller, and demanded money. He told the teller he had a gun but none was seen.

The suspect left the bank with the money on foot and possibly got into a new dark green Jeep type vehicle.

The bank is located at 3645 N. Freeway, near Target.


  1. I’m by no means a hard-core NRA type person, but shouldn’t it be harder to rob a bank than this? It’s hard to tell what’s riskier: physically going to a bank and risk getting mugged or doing all of it on-line and risk having your identity stolen.

  2. This kind of ‘Give the unarmed robber money because they demand it’ style crime has been in the news a lot lately. Hope the FBI catches this guy.

  3. Too bad this BofA won’t get smart and put up bulletproof teller windows and hire security like Wells Fargo. This bank keeps getting robbed cause they make it so easy. Trixie

  4. This crime reminds me of the Safeway robbery earlier this week. This is what happens when you combine people who are economically desperate with the “street” knowledge that just the threat of having a gun means every business will immediately fork over the money. Anyone who’s worked for any retail shop will tell you that the policy is hand over the money, no fight, no chase. Any potential criminal knows this too and sure enough…there you go.

  5. I’m not aware of a Safeway robbery earlier this week. Please share details.

  6. I think the above person is talking about the Rocklin robbery. A woman and a man held up a mom with her kids in front of the store.

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