Speaking Of Great Kids…

…there are two youth football leagues in Natomas!

The Natomas Jr. Nighthawks, who play and practice at Natomas High School and the Inderkum Jr. Tigers who practice at Natomas Middle School and play at Inderkum High School.

Both teams conduct sign ups in April, May, June and July. The season starts in the end of July or early August each year and runs through November.

Natomas Jr. Nighthawks have a winning tradition and many titles including two National Championships earned in Las Vegas.

Inderkum Jr. Tigers is a much newer organization, but have established themselves as contenders as well.

Youth football and cheer is a lot of fun and a Natomas tradition. Young athletes can play in either league it does not matter where you live and both organizations have lots to offer.

To learn more about the Jr. Nighthawks Football and Cheer program (kids ages 5-14) go to www.jrnighthawks.org

To learn more about the Jr. Tigers Football and Cheer program (kids ages 5-14) go to

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