Natomas Teens Rock!

Unfortunately, there have been some recent robberies in the Natomas area committed by children as young as 13 years old.

But THE BUZZ, an active PTSA volunteer, and other community leaders want to remind our readers that this neighborhood of ours has GREAT kids.

The Inderkum High School football team recently won its first playoff game and will advance to round two.

Here is a video from KCRA 3 who covered the IHS bonfire rally to get fired up for the game.

Natomas has a lot to celebrate with young athletes, drum lines, performers, dancers, artists, cheerleaders, student travelers, young ambassadors and so much more…

Watch this video and get a glimpse at the young athletes who are working hard to represent their school and community.


  1. I agree that the good word about Natomas teens and Natomas in general needs to get out. There are many drum-banging doom-and-gloom commentators out there, and while I can appreciate that they may be helping in the squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease sense or just find it easier to kvetch and moan ceaselessly, it gets old to read about. Thank you Buzz for keeping an even keel.

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